1) São Paulo is _________________ Limeira. a) More crowded b) More crowded than c) Crowder than 2) Campinas is _______________ Piracicaba. a) Larger than b) More Larger than c) Most Larger than 3) Russia is _____________ country. a) the larger b) The more larger c) The largest d) The most large 4) Tom is _____________ Mary. a) The most tall b) The tallest c) Taller than d) More tall than 5) This is ___________________ cake I have ever seen. a) The more Beautiful b) More beautiful than c) The most beautiful d) The more beautiful 6) That is ___________________ car of the store. a) The most expensive b) The expensivier c) The more expensive d) The most expensive than 7) Take a vaccine is ___________________ get sick. a) Is better than b) Is most good c) Is gooder




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