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1) Where is your teacher? a) She teaches at school. b) She is in the Art class. c) She is very nice. d) She doesn't like school e) My teacher is beautiful f) She is young. 2) Where does you sister live? a) She is American b) She has got three pets. c) In a small house, near the lake. d) At nine o'clock e) She goes running everyday 3) When do you play tennis? a) Twice a week. b) I like baseball. c) I don't like tennis d) I'm at home e) I don't like football f) I'm studying. 4) Who is that man with beard? a) He is tall and thin. b) He is my brother. c) She is my sister. d) He's got a pet. e) My sister has got a cat f) That man is ugly. 5) Have you got any pets? a) One dog. b) It's very big c) No, she hasn't d) I don't know. e) I don't like it. f) They are very cute. 6) What does your sister look like? a) She is blond and she is very tall. b) She is in class 13 c) She doesn't like chocolate d) She likes playing badminton. e) The third one f) She is good at drawing. 7) Where is your school? a) It's big. b) Just next to the library. c) I go to school. d) He's a teacher e) It has got 20 classrooms. f) My school is open. 8) How many children are there in your classroom? a) They are playing. b) They are at school. c) 23 d) Children like going to school. e) Near the airport f) My school has got a playground.

Use of English - level 2


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