1) My computer .... Japanese. a) it's b) are  c) is 2) My name .... Kristof. a) am b) is c) are 3) They ..... from Argentina. They're from Spain. a) not are b) aren't c) isn't 4) John is the director. That's .... room. a) her b) his c) he 5) Frankie and Armando are in Class 7. _____ teacher is Julia. a) They're b) His c) Their 6) Annie is a student. _____’s in Class 2. a) He b) She c) It 7) My teacher’s Scottish. ______ from Glasgow. a) He's b) It's c) He 8) _____ are you from? a) Where b) Were c) How 9) They aren’t French. They _____ Swiss. a) be b) 're c) is 10) A. What’s _____ name? B. I'm Sophia. a) your b) you c) her 11) A. Are you Chinese? B. _____. a) Yes, I'm. b) No, I not c) Yes, I am. 12) This is my girlfriend. _____ name is Ferah. a) Your b) Her c) His 13) A. Are they English? B. Yes, they _____. a) are b) is c) 're 14) Hello. _____’m Sabrina. a) I b) Her c) They 15) How _____ you? a) be b) is c) are 16) Where _____ your parents from? a) is b) are c) they 17) He’s from Egypt. _____ name’s Mahmoud. a) His b) He c) Has 18) We’re new students. _____ names are Marina and Ariel. a) Ours b) We c) Our 19) He _____ in Class 3. a) are b) is c) be 20) _____’s your name? a) How b) What c) Is




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