Red Light: Not Safe or Not OK: Your babysitter shows you his penis., Your older sister asks you to touch her vagina and tells you not to tell anyone., Your cousin tells you he will give you a candy bar if you let him take naked pictures of you., Your friend asks you to send naked pictures., Your friend dares you to take some gum from the store without paying., Your brother takes money out of your mom's purse when she isn't looking., Your stepdad shows you naked people picutres., Your uncle tickles you on your private parts., Your teacher says if you don't touch his penis, he will tell your mom you cheated., You feel uncomfortable about how your coach touches your body. He asks you to not tell anyone about it., Your doctor rubs your privates when no one else is in the room. He says you cannot tell anyone., Your friend says she will tell everyone bad things about you if you don't send her a naked picture., Your teacher asks you about your sex feelings and tells you about his sex feelings., Your mom's boyfriend touches your privates. He says he can tell you want it., Your friend says her dad touches her privates and makes you promise not to tell anyone., Green Light: Safe or OK: Your aunt asks you for a birthday kiss., Your mom gives you a big hug and kiss Goodnight., Your dad puts his arm around you and kisses you Goodnight., Your grandmother brushes your hair for you., Your teacher pats you on the back and says "Good job!", Your coach asks your mom if he can touch your body to help you learn a new move. , You give your friend a hug., You ask your mom for a hug., You ask your grandfather for a piggyback ride., You take a selfie at the beach and send it to your friend., The doctor touches your privates during a checkup. Your mom and the nurse are in the room., Your mom touches your brother's penis when she is changing his diaper., You ask your mom to scratch your back., Yellow Light: Not Sure or Confusing: Your coach touches your body to correct how you move. , Your grandfather tickles your legs., Your teacher talks to you about sex., Your teacher offers to meet with you after school for tutoring., Your neighbor invites you in to see some new kittens., Your brother keeps walking in the bathroom when you are getting ready., Your stepdad takes pictures of you in your swimsuit., Your brother wants to get in the bathtub with you., Your neighbor offers you a ride to school., Your grandmother's friend offers you $5.00., Your friend offers you some medicine when you have a headache., Your best friend's dad asks you to keep a secret.,

Red Light, Green Light (Safety/Social Skills)




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