Would you like to be a smart ____? A ____ shopper plans ____ and looks for good food ____. Here are a few ____ that can help. Before planning your ____ menus, ____ what is in your ____ and refrigerator that you can use. Then plan a menu, a ____ of foods that will be served at each ____ and snack, for the ____. Next, check any grocery store ____ and ____ offers. Each store has different specials. Plan your meals and snacks for each day. Make a list of all the ____ you will need. ​ Try to avoid buying ____ foods because of their ____. Convenience foods are ____ to make, but are usually more ____. Some examples of this are ____ meals, snacks and soft ____. Decide if the convenience is worth the ____. Are you ____ on cash this week? Cut down on ____. ____ doesn't always mean ____. Buy only the ____ you can use. Buy only what you can ____ safely, before it spoils. ​ If you are on a ____ budget, divide your food money into four ____. Use one envelope each week of the month. This way you will have ____ to purchase ____ each week. ​ Remember to ____ to ____ list. Use store coupons for really good buys. Try to shop ____. If you have children, leave them with a friend. Don't shop when you are ____.




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