1) Excited when light energy is absorbed by pigment molecule. a) Electron transport chain b) Electrons c) RuBisCO d) NADP 2) How electrons travel along the chloroplast membrane. a) Electrons b) NADP c) Electron transport chain d) 3PG 3) Enzyme responsible for production of ATP from ADP and Pi. a) ATP synthase b) Electrons c) CO2 d) G3P 4) Substance split during photolysis. a) Water b) ATP c) RuBP d) 3PG 5) Splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen. a) ATP b) Glucose c) Electrons d) Photolysis 6) Coenzyme that combines with H+ to be transported to the Calvin cycle. a) RuBisCO b) NADP c) ATP synthase d) Glucose 7) Combines with RuBP a) CO2 b) ATP c) 3PG d) Photolysis 8) Enzyme that is responsible for production of 3PG.  a) RuBP b) ATP synthase c) Glucose d) RuBisCO 9) Formed from RuBP a) 3PG b) ATP synthase c) Electron transport chain d) G3P 10) Phosphorylates 3PG in the Calvin cycle a) ATP synthase b) ATP c) Photolysis d) RuBisCO 11) Formed when H+ binds to 3PG a) G3P b) CO2 c) 3PG d) NADP 12) Regenerated from G3P a) Photolysis b) RuBP c) CO2 d) NADP 13) Synthesised from G3P a) 3PG b) Glucose c) Electrons d) Photolysis





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