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1) there is no path  to peace..... a) peace is life b) peace is the path c) peace is war 2) The crane, popularized as a peace symbol by the story of.... a) Hiroscima b) Sadako c) Roerich 3) who invented the flag of peace? and when? a) Guernica in 1961 b) Aldo Capitini in 1958 c) henry matisse 1958 d) Aldo Capitini in 1961 4) what does it symbolize a ceremonial smoking pipe? a) to smoge b) war c) healing d) peace e) fertility f) it was used for religion 5) Day of Nonviolence and Peace, recognized by UNESCO in a) 1993, on January 30 b) 1993, on March 30 c) 1997, on June 24


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