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Strawberries are the most disgusting friut! - Opinion, There are 52 weeks in the year - Fact, David Cameron is a crook - Opinion, Cheryl Cole is the most beautiful girl in the world. - Opinion, It's always hot in August - Opinion, Our Prime Minister is the worst we have ever had! - Opinion, Red is a primary colour - Fact, The Wanted are singing the Red Nose song this year - Fact, Jeward are Irish - Fact, There are 24 hours in a day - Fact, Home and Away is the best soap - Opinion, Milk is a dairy product - Fact, England is the best place to live - Opinion, Take That are the best boy band ever! - Opinion, Taio Cruz is British - Fact, Smallest planet in the solar system is Mercury - Fact,

Word wall- Fact and opinion

by Anonymous


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