1) Michael loves animals and always looks after injured cats or stray dogs. a) He is gentle. b) He is confident. c) He is greedy. d) He is polite. 2) Micheal is very relaxed. He never gets angry or stressed. a) He is adventurous. b) He is easy-going. c) He is helpful. d) He is generous. 3) My sister never remembers my birthday. Every year she gives me a late present. a) She is forgetful. b) She is kind. c) She is intelligent. d) She is greedy. 4) Tom always helps his mum clean the house. a) He is lazy. b) He is helpful. c) He is greedy. d) He is easy-going 5) Bill is always eating! He loves and doesn't share his food!  a) He is helpful. b) He is kind. c) He is intelligent. d) he is greedy. 6) Sara passed all her exams.  She got 98%! a) She is lazy. b) She is intelligent. c) She is kind. d) She is generous. 7) Tom never helps out in the house. He gets up late, he doesn't do the washing up or clean the house. He watches TV all day.  a) He is lazy. b) He is kind. c) He is intelligent. d) He is generous. 8) My brother is lovely. He always helps me when I need anything. He doesn't have a lot of money but year he bought me a car! a) He is generous. b) He is friendly. c) He is intelligent. d) He is greedy. 9) My son loves doing dangerous things. a) He is greedy. b) He is adventurous c) He is kind. d) He is generous 10) The children have very good manners. They always say please and thank you. a) They are friendly. b) They are polite. c) They are intelligent. d) They are greedy.




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