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1) Who lives at 10 Downing Street? a) the Prime Minister b) the Queen c) Harry Potter 2) Where does the Queen live? a) Westminster Palace b) Buckingham Palace c) 10 Downing Street 3) Where is not a changing of guards? a) the Tower b) the Buckingham Palace c) Westminster Abbey 4) What's the name of the river of London? a) the Temze b) the Themes c) the Thames 5) Where are the Crown Jewels? a) Buckingham Palace b) The Tower of London c) The Tower Bridge 6) The name of the big wheel is .... a) London's Eye b) The Big Wheel of London c) London Eye 7) London's taxis are usually .... a) black b) red c) yellow 8) Which name is not in the name of a museum? a) Madame Tussauds b) Pall Mall c) Sherlock Holmes 9) Where is the English Parliament? In .... a) Westminster Palace b) Piccadilly c) Greenwich 10) Which park is not in London? a) Kensington Park b) Hyde Park c) Central Park

London multiple choise test with pictures

by Anonymous


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