1) When is the reading exam? a) Tuesday, 29th November b) Wednesday, 30th November c) Thursday, 1 December 2) How long is the exam? a) 1 hour b) 45 minutes c) 50 minutes 3) How many tasks are there in the exam? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 4) How many questions do I need to answer correctly to pass the exam?? a) 20/24 b) 18/24 c) 14/24 5) How quickly will I know the exam provisional result? a) in 1 day b) in 1 week c) in 2 weeks 6) What if I fail the exam? a) That's it, you are in trouble! b) You have the second chance.

Ascentis Entry 2 g2 Reading exam 2022




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