the food served and eaten at one time, usually occurring by custom or habit - meal, a small serving of food -- maybe just a few bites -- that you eat before the main part of the meal - appetizer, usually the biggest dish on a menu; the main ingredient is often meat or fish - main dish / main course, anything that you serve with the main dish, often vegetables or a starch like bread or rice - side, or side dish, something sweet that you eat at the end of a meal - dessert, an alcoholic mixed drink that’s usually served in a short glass. It usually has some type of hard liquor like gin or vodka, mixed with juice or soda - cocktail, the food that remains after everyone has eaten, usually saved for another meal - leftovers, arrange a cloth, plates, glasses, silverware, etc. for a meal - set the table, the instructions for making some type of food - recipe,


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