1) When is the reading exam? a) Monday, 28th November b) Tuesday, 29th November c) Wednesday, 30th November d) Thursday, 1st December 2) How long is the exam? a) 50 minutes b) 1 hour c) 1 hour 20 min 3) How many tasks are there in the exam? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 4) How many questions are there in each task? a) five b) six c) seven 5) What's the pass mark? a) 20/21 b) 18/21 c) 14/21 6) How quickly will I know the exam provisional result? a) in 1 day b) in 1 week c) in 2 weeks 7) What if I fail the exam? a) That's it, you are in trouble! b) You have the second chance. 8) What shall I do if I cannot attend my exam due to sickness? a) You need to attend even if you are sick. b) You need to inform college of your absence at least 1 hour before your exam.




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