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1) Ability to do work. a) energy b) energy transformation 2) one form of energy changes to another. a) energy transfer b) energy transformation c) electrical energy 3) energy of electrical charges; powers devices a) nuclear energy b) mechanical energy c) electrical energy 4) Energy created by splitting of atoms a) nuclear energy b) solar energy c) geothermal energy 5) nonrenewable energy source (coal, oil, natural gas, petroleum) a) photosynthesis b) fossil fuel c) chemical energy 6) energy created by the sun a) mechanical energy b) chemical enery c) solar energy 7) resources that can be made over and over again a) renewable b) nonrenewable 8) resources that have to be made again before use a) renewable b) nonrenewable 9) energy that is created from the breaking of chemical bonds a) solar energy b) mechanical energy c) chemical energy 10) energy of moving objects a) mechanical b) chemical c) nuclear

Energy Vocabulary


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