1) read a) read b) red c) rad d) rid e) raed f) reed 2) run a) ran b) run c) rean d) runned e) ranned f) reen 3) buy a) buyed b) bought c) baught d) bay e) bayed f) buyght 4) get a) get b) gat c) gotten d) got e) getted f) gotted 5) have a) haved b) hadded c) had d) hive e) have f) haven 6) make a) maken b) maked c) maiked d) maiden e) maden f) made 7) meet a) mat b) meeten c) met d) meeted e) meat f) meated 8) win a) won b) wan c) winned d) wanned e) wonned f) wont 9) be a) been b) beened c) was d) baw e) wos f) wear 10) do a) done b) doed c) did d) didded e) didden f) doden 11) drink a) drinken b) drank c) drunk d) drunken e) dranken f) dranked 12) eat a) eat b) ate c) aten d) eaten e) ated f) aeted 13) give a) given b) gived c) gove d) gave e) gaved f) gaven 14) go a) goed b) went c) gone d) goned e) gonen f) wented 15) see a) seened b) seen c) saw d) sawned e) sawnen f) sought 16) sing a) sung b) sang c) sangen d) sanged e) sought f) sight 17) swim a) swom b) swimmen c) swum d) swam e) swammed f) swammen 18) take a) took b) taken c) tooked d) token e) taked f) tooken 19) wear a) wear b) war c) wore d) worn e) worned f) wored 20) write a) whrite b) wroten c) wrate d) written e) wrote f) wrated

Verbi irregolari - past simple - 1




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