1) Who was the first explorer who discovered Australia? a) Christophorus Columbus b) James Cook c) Amerigo Vespucci 2) Who were the first British People who came to live here? a) the Pilgrim Fathers b) British prisoners/convicts c) surfers 3) What's the name of the native people from Australia? a) Native Indians b) Aborigens c) Aussie 4) What's the name of this famous building in Australia? a) Uluru b) Opera House c) Empire State 5) What is the "Outback"? a) rocky mountains b) the desert c) the sand 6) What is the name of the place where kangaroous keep their babies? a) stomach b) pocket c) pouch 7) What is Tasmania? a) a monument of Australia b) a part of Australia c) a beach of Australia 8) What's the name of this famous Australian Actress? a) Kylie Minogue b) Charlize Theron c) Nicole Kidman 9) What kind of leaves do the Koala eat? a) shamrock b) eucalyptos c) bamboo 10) What are the most famous cities in Australia? a) Sidney, Perth, Canberra b) Wellington, Canberra, Bath c) Bath, Bristol, Leeds 11) What's the nickname for Australian people? a) yankees b) aussies c) Brits 12) Why is online learning usual in Australia? a) for Covid b) as students often live far away from schools c) there are a few schools




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