1) Which of the following foods are whole foods that can help with weight loss? a) Baked potatoes b) Canned fruits c) Walnuts d) Dill pickles e) Sliced fruit f) Whole wheat bread 2) Which of the following whole foods are the best sandwich side orders to make sure you get your FAVES in? a) Applesauce b) Sliced apples c) Pickles d) Sliced cucumbers e) Raisins f) Grapes 3) According to Dr. Michael Greger, you can eat more food and still lose weight by eating which high fiber/low calorie whole foods a) Oranges b) Jello c) Soy yogurt d) Pears e) Rice cakes f) Plums 4) The Real Truth About Health reports that eating these fiber rich whole foods lead to weight loss instead of leading to weight gain. a) Lentils b) Black bean burgers c) Sweet potatoes d) French Fries e) Corn f) Bran Cereals 5) Medical studies show that eating 1 tablespoon of this seed before lunch and dinner helps with weight loss by curbing your appetite: a) Ground flax seeds b) Ranch flavored sunflower seeds c) Roasted almonds d) Ground chia seeds e) Boiled cherry pits f) Unpopped popcorn kernels 6) Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) reports that acidic, fatty foods can lead to obesity. Which whole foods have lower acid, making them better for weight loss:  a) Collards b) Spinach c) Potato chips d) Carrots e) Garden salsa Sun Chips f) Kale 7) According to PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), which of the following foods have citric acid that is great for weight loss? a) Pineapple soda b) Pineapples c) Grapefruits Shandy Beers d) Lemons & limes e) Orange Crush f) Orange gummies 8) Which of the following unprocessed foods make the best pizza toppings? a) Beyond/Impossible Italian sausage b) Non dairy cheese c) Mushrooms d) Green Peppers e) Yves Pepperoni f) Spinach 9) NutritionFacts.org reports that whole fruits and vegetables have which of the following components that are important for weight loss: a) Caffeine b) Fiber c) Curds & whey d) Protein e) Vitamins A & B f) Refined sugars 10) Barbara O'Neil reports that processed foods increase belly fat, while fresh whole foods help to burn belly fat for energy. Which of the following foods are best for getting rid of your gut? a) Grapefruit b) Wheat bread c) Berries d) Plantain chips e) Fig Newtons f) Baked sweet potatoes




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