1) to be a) did b) went c) was/were d) made 2) to bring a) drove b) gave c) grew d) brought 3) to drive a) grew b) drove c) dreamt d) got 4) to run a) ran b) rode c) rose d) found 5) to hear a) hurt b) ride c) wrote d) heard 6) to make a) spent b) said c) made d) become 7) to teach a) told b) taught c) thought d) won 8) to go a) went b) woke c) wore d) wrote 9) to say a) told b) said c) sang d) sold 10) to send a) spoke b) sat c) sent d) found 11) to write a) woke b) rode c) wrote d) took 12) to become a) began b) became c) came d) forgot 13) to break a) drank b) bought c) broke d) brought 14) to know a) flew b) knew c) grew d) saw 15) to ring a) rode b) rose c) rang d) rung 16) to keep a) kept b) left c) dreamt d) set 17) to win a) woke b) worn c) frozen d) won 18) to come a) cought b) chose c) came d) cut 19) to eat a) hit b) hid c) ate d) let 20) can a) would b) could c) sold d) chosen 21) to dream a) drank b) drawn c) slept d) dreamt 22) to get a) let b) met c) got d) sat 23) to put a) taught b) put c) hurt d) sat 24) to swim a) swore b) stood c) thought d) swam 25) to sell a) sold b) sent c) set d) spent

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