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1) English ... by 3.5 billion people all over the word.  a) speak b) spoke c) is spoken d) am spoken 2) The Mona Lisa ... by Leonardo da Vinci. a) paint b) painted c) was painted d) were painted 3) More and more trees ... down every day.  a) are cutting b) is cutting c) are being cut d) is being cut 4) The Thessaloniki metro ... in 2020.  a) complete b) completed c) will complete d) will be completed 5) Oh no! The famous painting ... stolen.  a) steal b) stole c) has stolen d) has been stolen 6) The Eiffel Tower ... in 1889.  a) build b) built c) was built d) were built 7) Harry Potter ... by J.K. Rowling.  a) write b) wrote c) was written d) were written 8) The light bulb... by Thomas Edison.  a) invent b) invented c) was invented d) were invented 9) This pencil ... in Germany. a) makes b) made c) is made d) are made 10) Titanic ... by James Cameron. a) is directed b) was directed c) will be directed d) be directed 11) The first telephone ... by Alexander Graham Bell. a) was invented b) were invented c) is invented d) are invented 12) The first aeroplane ... by the Wright Brothers.  a) is flown b) was flown c) will be flown d) can be flown 13) Facebook ... by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. a) is created b) was created c) will be created d) should be created

C Passive Voice


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