1) I am ________________ than my sister. a) tall b) as tall as c) taller d) tallest 2) My mum thinks that cats are ___________ pets than dogs. a) good b) well c) better d) best 3) Cycling is one of _____________________ sports. a) dangerous b) more dangerous than c) the most dangerous d) as dangerous as 4) I want to have a _____________ car. a) big b) bigger c) biggest 5) A blue whale is _______________ twenty-five elephants. a) heavy b) heavier than c) the heaviest d) as heavy as 6) You look _____________ than last month. Have you lost weight?  a) thin b) thinner c) thinnest d) as thin as 7) Bicycles are _____________ than cars. a) slow b) slower c) slowest d) very slow 8) She is _____________ person I know. a) nice b) nicer than c) the nicest  9) What is the ____________ film you've seen? a) best b) better c) good 10) Computers are ____________ mobile phones. a) cheap b) cheaper than c) the cheapest 

KS2 Comparative and Superlative adjectives




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