1) Be, was/were, ... a) been b) beed c) be 2) Have, had, ... a) haved b) have c) had 3) make, made, a) made b) maked c) maded 4) give, gave, ... a) gave b) given c) give 5) lose, lost, ... a) lose b) lossed c) lost 6) read, read, ... a) red b) readed c) read 7) eat, ate, ... a) eaten b) ate c) eated 8) find, found, ... a) find b) found c) founded 9) do, did, ... a) done b) did c) doed 10) see, saw, ... a) see b) saw c) seen 11) come, came, ... a) come b) came c) camed 12) buy, bought, ... a) buyed b) buy c) bought 13) know, knew, ... a) known b) knew c) knowed 14) feel, felt, ... a) feel b) felt c) felled 15) take, took, ... a) took b) taked c) taken

Present Perfect - Irregular verbs




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