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1) I ... to school yesterday. a) go b) went c) gone d) have gone 2) I'm not hungry. I have already ... a) eat b) ate c) eaten d) have eaten 3) I was ill yesterday, so I ... to school. a) don't go b) didn't go c) haven't gone d) hasn't gone 4) Have you ever ... to London? a) be b) was c) were d) been 5) I haven't ... my project yet. a) finish b) finishes c) finished d) finishing 6) Kids, ... you have a good time at the party last weekend? a) do b) does c) did d) have 7) We are good friends. We ... each other since we were kids. a) know b) knew c) known d) have known 8) My family and I ... to Santorini last summer. a) travel b) travelled c) will travel d) travelling 9) Where's Harry? He isn't here. He has ... to the supermarket.  a) go b) went c) gone d) going 10) Tom is sad because he ... his arm yesterday. a) break b) broke c) will break d) has broken 11) This is the best movie I've ... seen. a) just b) already c) ever d) never 12) Today I got up, had breakfast and ... the house. a) leave b) will leave c) left d) have left

Past Simple vs Present Perfect


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