Turn left at the end of the road. Go as far as the traffic lights. Turn right. My house is the first one on the left after the shop - Instruct, Give water! You can save a child's life! Give £2 a month! - Persuade, Great news for people aged 50 and over! Low cost Home and Motor Insurance - Persuade, This year there has been a lot of flooding due to the high rainfall. Lots of people have had their homes spoiled by flood water. - Inform, Your motor insurance is due for renewal. - Inform, You can't afford to miss this offer! - Persuade, Wash at forty degrees. Drip dry. - Instruct, Theatre Royal Monday 13th June 7.30pm Showtime Stalls D13   - Inform, The sky was so clear and blue. The wind whistled around my ears. - describe, My ESOL class is very supportive and friendly. The students are very intelligent and keen to learn. The classroom is quite small and the smartboard is very old. - describe, Mix butter and sugar. Add beaten eggs. Stir in flour. - instruct,

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