1) If you suffer from a headache: a) drink some coffee b) take some aspirin c) get a back massage 2) If you are feeling stress: a) scream at the nearest person b) drink alcohol c) focus on your breathing 3) If a hungry tiger is chasing you: a) fight it with your bare hands  b) climb up on the back of an elephant c) run away from it and hope it'll get tired 4) If a snake has bitten you: a) suck the poison out b) tie the bitten area with a tight bandage c) eat some ash to soak up the poison 5) If a jellyfish has stung you a) pour vinegar on the sting b) pee on the sting c) get a life guard to pee on the sting 6) To help someone recover from a shock: a) slap them quickly across their face b) give them mouth-to-mouth resuscitation c) put a warm blanket around their shoulders 7) If an angry dog is growling at you: a) let the dog sniff your hand b) throw a rock at it c) slowly walk away backwards 8) If you find a spider in your bed: a) put it in your brother's bed b) eat it because spiders are high in protein c) safely catch it and release it outside 9) If there is an earthquake: a) climb onto the roof of your house b) take shelter in the toilet (it's the smallest room) c) cover your body in bubble-wrap 10) If your boss hasn't given you enough shifts for the week: a) quit your job b) throw eggs at your boss's window c) politely inform her that you're available for more work 11) If your boyfriend has left the toilet seat up: a) put it back down yourself b) break up with him c) say "honey, be a sweetie and leave it down for me" 12) If you have an assignment due the next day but you haven't started yet: a) "pull an all-nighter" and get it done by 4am b) complete it with the help of your friends c) offer the teacher a case of beer for a deadline extension 13) You're at a party. Some's smoking marijuana, you accidentally breathe in the smoke & you start to feel strange: a) ask for more b) sip some water slowly and try to calm down c) jump on top of a table and start dancing 14) Your best friend has bought a new dress and has asked you to comment on it, but it looks terrible: a) say "oh, it really suits you!" b) say "where on earth did you get that monstrosity?!" c) say "hmm, are you sure that's your colour?" 




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