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1) Which one of these is a trade union a) The NUT b) The NAT c) The NET d) The NOT 2) the joining of workers together to negotiate is known as a) bargaining power b) collective bargaining c) collective power 3) Trade unions exists to represent a) the interests of employees b) the work conditions of employees c) the wages of employees 4) a_____________ sometimes negotiates for workers in dispute with their employer a) bank b) trade union c) college d) building society 5) picketing is a) refusing to do overtime b) a strike c) only doing the work stated in the JD 6) a strike is the last thing that employees will do if they are unhappy a) True b) False 7) when staff strike only the employers are affected a) True b) False 8) when staff strike they dont get paid a) True b) False 9) work to rule is.... a) striking b) when they only do work thats in their contract c) when they "go slow" d) when they refuse to cooperate 10) Go slow is when workers a) strike b) do no overtime c) dont work as quickly as they usually do 11) what action can employers take on employees? a) give more responsibility to workers b) keep company open for longer c) close company 12) if employers/employees/trade unions cannot agree then they can take their dispute to a) ACAS b) NUT c) ABC
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