1) The turkey we eat for Christmas comes from ... a) Turkey. The birds were named after the country. b) North America. They were brought by Sailor W.Strickland. c) They come from France. Louis XIV started that fashion. 2) The turkey we eat for Christmas comes from ... a) a coin. b) a prediction on a piece of paper. c) a crown. 3) December 25th celebrates ... a) the birth of Jesus. b) the beginning of winter. c) the end of winter. 4) Who was Father Christmas? a) a Viking tradition with a man dressed up as "winter" b) Nicholas, a bishop who was popular with children. c) Coca-cola's advertising campaign. 5) Which day is December 24th? a) Christmas Day b) Christmas Eve c) New Year's Eve 6) Why does Father Christmas come down the chimney ? a) Because in Lapland, the hole in the roof was used both as a chimney and an entrance. b) Because doors are locked at night. c) Because he lands on the roof. 7) What is a Christmas cracker ? a) A triangular object you place under the Christmas tree. b) A square box with a toy inside. c) A cylindrical object with little presents inside that people pull and break open. 8) What happened in England in December 1644 ? a) 5,000 people died of Plague. b) Nobody ate turkey for Christmas. c) Christmas was abolished. 9) You can often see robins on Christmas cards. What is a robin ? a) A small round bird with an orange breast. b) A sort of snowman with Xmas decorations. c) A fake father Christmas. 10) Christmas Day is on ... a) December 21st. b) December 24th. c) December 25th. 11) Christmas carols are ... a) little cakes made especially for Christmas. b) songs celebrating the birth of Jesus. c) little girls dressed up as angels who sing in the church choir. 12) How does Santa travel on Christmas night ? a) By bike. b) On a magic sleigh pulled by flying reindeers. c) By plane or hot-air balloon. 13) How many Xmas card does the average person in U.K. send every year ? a) b) c) 14) How many Christmas cards do the British send every year ? a) 125,000 b) 1,250,000 c) 125,000,000 15) How many Christmas cards did Father Christmas receive in 2019 in the U.K. ? a) b) c) 16) A world-wide famous artist died on Christmas Day in the seventies. It was ... a) Charlie Chaplin, the first great movie star. b) Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. c) Elvis Presley, the King of Rock'n'roll 17) What happened on Christmas day in 1914 during the first world war ? a) There was a temporary truce between British and German soldiers. b) Father Christmas declared the war was over. c) People did not celebrate Christmas because of the war. 18) What do children do with their socks on the night before Christmas ? a) Wash them to have clean feet on Christmas Day. b) Hang them on the Christmas tree for decoration. c) Leave them at the end of their beds or hang them on the fireplace 19) You can write Xmas instead of Christmas. Why ? a) X represents the Greek letter « chi », the 1st letter of "Christos". b) It represents the cross where Jesus was crucified. c) It is for people who don’t have the time to write Christmas.




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