1) The police ________ the bad guy in the park. a) thought b) minute c) caught d) took 2) I'm almost finished. Can you wait a ________? a) minute b) listen c) took d) friendship 3) My brother ___________ his iPad to school yesterday. a) listen b) thought c) caught d) took 4) Do you think my picture is _____________? a) idea b) beautiful c) thought d) friendship 5) She likes to __________ to music at home. a) listen b) idea c) took d) minute 6) I have a great _________ for a new game to play! a) frienship b) thought c) idea d) listen 7) He _________ the test would be hard, but it was easy! a) idea b) listen c) thought d) caught 8) _________ is important in everyone's life. a) friendship b) beautiful c) listen d) idea

L1 - Lesson 29 p.1 - Vocab in Context




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