What is a vocational school? What can people do after getting vocational education?, When did you start learning foreign languages and where?, Do you use English outside the classroom? How often?, What qualities should a foreign language teacher have?, Do you think it is important to learn foreign languages at school? Why/ why not?, How are you going to use foreign languages in your future career or education?, How do Russian teenagers revise for exams? How do you prepare for exams? , What exams are you taking this year? Are there optional exams?, What happens if a student doesn't pass an exam in Russia? Have you ever failed an exam?, Do you prefer to have online classes or face to face classes? Why?, Would you like to learn another foreign language and why? , Are exams a fair way to assess students' knowledge?, What is the best way to learn foreign languages? What way is most effective for you?, What was your favourite subject at school when you were a child?, Do you think online education will replace traditional one in the future?, What are your future study plans? .

Education and learning foreign languages (questions)


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