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1) At what age do students have their GCSE? a) 11 years old b) 16 years old c) 18 years old 2) How many years must children study at school (compulsary)? a) 6 years b) 9 years c) 11 years 3) At what age must British children start school? a) 5 b) 7 c) 8 4) What year at school is called "Reception Year"? a) The very first year b) The last year c) An extra year 5) What exams should you take in England to be able to apply for the place in a university? a) EGE b) A-Level exams c) GCSE 6) What is the highest mark (grade) in the UK schools? a) D b) C c) A 7) What do children study at Science lessons? a) Physics, Maths and Chemistry b) Physics, Chemistry and Biology c) Geography, Biology and Chemistry 8) What subicts are compulsory for GCSE? a) Maths and English only b) Maths, English and Science c) Maths, Science and Art




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