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1) When I was 5, I ... swim a) can b) could c) will be able d) was able to 2) You ... park here a) can b) can't c) must d) mustn't 3) At weekends we ... get up early. a) must b) have to c) don't have to d) don't need to 4) You ... study harder! a) could b) would c) may d) should 5) Look at those clouds. It ... rain. a) must b) ought to c) may d) don't have to 6) ... I drink some water, miss? a) May b) Must c) Shall d) Will 7) Mary and I are going to the cinema tonight. ... you like to join us? a) Would b) Could c) Should d) Can 8) Is it too hot in here? ... I switch the heating off? a) Can b) Could c) May d) Shall 9) She ... be so happy! a) can b) can't c) must d) mustn't 10) She ... her umbrella a) should take b) should be taking c) should have taken d) should have been taking 11) Where's Tom? / In his room. He ...  a) must study b) must be studying c) must have studied d) must have been studying 12) She's exhausted. She ... a) must run b) must be running c) must have run d) must have been running

D Senior - Modal Verbs


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