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Foreign Policy: Deals with issues relating to our relationship with other countries, Japan Increasingly Important for America: A growing majority of Americans says the US should cultivate better relations with our East Asia ally, U.S. to Withdraw from Syria: Some fear a full American withdraw would threaten the future of Kurdish allies and the overall security in the unstable warzone, U.S Issues Nuclear Ultimatum to Russia: , U.S. Leaves U.N. Human Rights Council: The Council aims to promote and protect human rights around the world, but some of its 47 members have plenty of human rights violations of their own, U.S. calls for compliance with nuclear treaties, Officials: US to Suspend Russia Nuke Treaty, Domestic Policy: Deals with issues relating to things that impact America and Americans, New Sanders Tax Plan Targets Estates of the Ultra-Rich, Harris Backs 'Medicare-for-all' Eliminating Private Health Insurance as we know it, CBO says economy lost $11 billion during shutdown, Kentucky delays start time for some new Medicaid rules, Washington state officials declare state of emergency over measles outbreak, Local parent, teacher react to Gov. Desantis' order to eliminate Common Core in Florida Schools,

Foreign vs. Domestic Policy


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