1) My dad is a.....and fixes lots of different types of cars. a) factory worker b) lorry driver c) mechanic 2) My mum ....... to work every day. a) commutes b) drives c) manages 3) If you want to know the meaning of a word, look it up in a(n).... . a) essay b) dictionary c) research 4) My favourite class is .... because I really like acting. a) drama b) art and design c) literature 5) Mike is ........... . He lost his job a few months ago. a) unemployed b) promoted c) part-time 6) As a .... , Lionel's job is to save lives. a) newsagent b) paramedic c) dentist 7) Dan ..... in a glass factory. a) used work b) used to working c) used to work 8) I've looked ........ but I can't find the cat. a) everywhere b) nowhere c) everything 9) Who does this bag belong ....? a) with b) to c) at 10) Marsha was revising ..... her exam all evening. a) for b) to c) at 11) She often disagrees ....... her colleagues a) at b) with c) from 12) I don't want ............... to drink, thanks. a) nothing b) everything c) anything 13) ........ you use to be in the maths club? a) Did b) Are c) Were

Repetytorium ósmoklasisty Unit 3/4





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