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1) Wuḍūʾ is also wājib for: a) Touching the writing of the Noble Qurʾān b) Touching the hands of elderly people. c) Touching the name of Allah 2) It is mustaḥab to perform wuḍūʾ: a) Before you go to the store b) Before you go to sleep c) Before you go to school 3) Before doing wuḍūʾ, you should make sure that: a) You are wearing glasses b) You have have on socks c) The parts of wuḍūʾ (face, arms, head, feet) are all ṭāhir (they do not have any najāsah on them) 4) What are things that it is good to do wuḍūʾ for? a) Before going to the masjid b) When you become angry c) When you are at the beach  5) What must you do wuḍūʾ for? a) Before calling your family memebers. b) Before working out  c) Before praying ṣalāh




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