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1) What is cholesterol? a) A fat made by your liver b) A fat found in unhealthy food c) Something that clogs arteries d) A chemical by product of respiration 2) Which of these can't you inherit? a) Muscle mass b) High cholesterol levels c) HIV d) High blood pressure 3) What is your metabolic rate? a) Heart rate divided by blood pressure b) Blood pressure c) Heart rate d) Rate of respiration in cells 4) How does exercise improve health? a) By using stored energy b) Loses you weight c) Makes heart beat faster d) Makes you stronger 5) Which of these are not caused by being obese? a) Arthritis b) Cancer c) Heart disease d) Diabetes 6) What is a balanced diet? a) Being a healthy eater b) Eating a bit of each food group c) Eating fruit and vegetables d) Eating a similar amount of food each day 7) Why should you question claims made by slimming products? a) Because they are wrong b) You shouldn't, they are based on science c) They are expensive d) Their findings might be biased 8) What is an averag resting heart rate range for young man? a) 85 + b) 80-85 c) 70-73 d) 50 -65 9) What is most sustainble way to lose weight? a) Eat a lot less calories b) Exercise and balanced diet c) Cut fat from your diet d) Atkins diet 10) What is a calorie? a) Ability to raise 1ml of water by one degre b) Amount of joules required to heat water c) Amount of fat in food d) 5.2 joules
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