1) Which 'kingdoms' make up the United Kingdom?  a) England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall b) England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland c) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland d) England, Scotland and Wales 2) According to the 2011 census, approximately what % of people in the UK have a main language other than English? a) 3% b) 5% c) 8% d) 10% e) 15% 3) After English what is the most common main language? a) Arabic b) Spanish c) Polish  d) Punjabi e) French f) Chinese 4) What is the current estimated population of the UK? a) 75.4 million b) 66.4 million c) 58.4 million d) 52.4 million e) 49.4 million 5) What size in is the UK? a) About the same as Romania b) Less than half the size of France c) Just over twice the size of Bulgaria  d) About 40 times smaller than the USA and China 6) What is the capital city of Scotland? a) Edinburgh b) Belfast c) Cardiff d) Truro e) Glasgow 7) Which of these people is currently the head of the UK government? a) b) c) d) e) 8) The UK is divided into over 100 geographic areas, of which Cornwall is one. What are they called? a) regions b) states c) provinces d) counties e) district 9) Cornwall has it's own language? a) True b) False 10) How do you say 'hello' in Cornish? a) Dydh da! b) Wasson! c) A'rite! d) Dreckly! e) Proper job! 11) Which of the following pictures was not taken in Cornwall? a) b) c) d) e) f) 12) Which of these is a pasty? a) b) c) d) e) f)

How much do you know about the UK and Cornwall?




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