1) What miracles was Prophet ʿĪsā (ʿa) given to prove his divine appointment? a) He could bring the dead back to life, restore the eyesight of the blind, b) He could read and write c) He was able to fly 2) Why did the Jews get upset with Prophet ʿĪsā (ʿa)? a) Because they felt Prophet ʿĪsā (ʿa) had brought a message that b) Because they didn't know Prophet Isa (a) c) Because they did not want a new ruler (a) 3) How did Allah save Prophet ʿĪsā (ʿa)? a) Allah made his enemies forgive him b) Allah killed him c) Allah raised him to the Heavens 4) When will Prophet ʿĪsā (ʿa) reappear? a) When the world will end b) When the 12th Imam (aj) will reappear c) When he wants to reappear




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