1) Will he go to the park? a) Yes, he will  b) yes c) Yes he'll 2) Where will he go tomorrow? a) He goes to the park b) He will go to the park. c) He going to the park. 3) When will she cook dinner? a) She cooking dinner tomorrow. b) She's cooks dinner now. c) She will cook dinner later. 4) When will you call me? a) I call you tomorrow. b) I'll call you tomorrow. c) I'm call you tomorrow. 5) Where will we work next week? a) We working in Novato. b) We are work in Novato c) We will work in Novato. 6) When will you pay me? a) I'm pay you later. b) I will pay you tomorrow. c) I pay tomorrow. 7) What will you do after class? a) I will going to sleep. b) I sleep c) I will sleep. 8) Will you come to my house next week? a) Yes, I can to come. b) Yes I coming. c) Yes, I will come. 9) What time will you start work tomorrow? a) I'll work in Novato. b) I'll tomorrow come. c) I'll start work at 7am. 10) Will your son drive you to the supermarket today? a) My son drive. b) Yes, he me drives. c) No, he won't.

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