Alternative versions of a gene - Alleles, Section of DNA that codes for a particular protein/characteristic - Gene, A permanent change in the base sequence of DNA - Mutation, A sex cell (eg sperm, ovum, pollen, ovule) - Gamete, When a male and female gamete fuse to form a zygote - Fertilisation, A fertilised egg - Zygote, Cell division to produce gametes - Meiosis, Cell division for growth and repair - Mitosis, The two alleles the person has for a gene - Genotype, The physical characteristic or feature - Phenotype, The allele that is always expressed when present - Dominant Allele, The allele which is only expressed if the dominant allele is not present - Recessive Allele, The two alleles of a gene are the same - Homozygous, The two alleles of a gene are different - Heterozygous, Thread-like structures made of DNA that carry the code to make proteins - Chromosomes, Chromosomes with the same genes - Homologous Chromosomes,

Genetics Terminology

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