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1) When the pirates first left the port, what did they have a lot of? a) Salt and pepper b) cake and cookies c) fruit and vegetables d) jelly and ice cream 2) What did the pirates use to cover up the bad tastes? a) herbs and spices b) salt and pepper c) cheese d) chocolate 3) What did they call the ‘ship’s biscuits’? a) Blue tack b) Hard tack c) Soft cheese d) Hard cream 4) What is Sauerkraut? a) Sour carrots b) sour cabbage c) sour peas d) sour broccoli 5) What did they put on the meat to make it last longer? a) Cheese b) Spices c) pepper d) salt 6) When the meat ran out, what did they do to the bones? a) chew on them b) boil them to make soup c) chop them up d) throw them away


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