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1) What's this? a) pumpkin lantern b) pump c) candle 2) When is Halloween? a) 1st November b) 30th October c) 31st October 3) What's this? a) a black dog b) a black cat c) a black hamster 4) What's this game? a) apples on strings b) apple bobbing c) apple dinner 5) What's this? a) a bat b) a bet c) a bird 6) What are they wearing? a) skeleton b) pumpkin c) fancy dress costumes 7) What is this? a) scary people b) a scary mask c) costumes 8) What's this game? a) apple for lunch b) apple jogging c) apples on strings 9) What's this? a) a candle b) a candel c) a cendle 10) What's this? a) a vampire b) a wizard c) a ghost 11) What's this? a) a skull b) a vampire c) a witch 12) What's this? a) a haunted house b) a house c) a castle 13) Who is this? a) John Skeleton b) Jim skeleton c) Jack skeleton


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