what's this?, what are they doing?, what's she doing?, say three actions you do in the morning, where do you live?, what's the weather like?, What time is it?, what is it?, what do you usually have for breakfast?, what do you want to be when you grow up?, where can you buy pens and pencils?, The dolphin is_____________than a seahorse, can you list four animals that can swim?, tiger/ fish/ tortoise Use "dangerous" and "slow" to make superlatives, what season is it?, what's the date today?, When were you born?, when's your mum's birthday?, when do you have English lesson, What's her job?, Where do you lay with your friends a t school?, What do you do with your friends at the week end?, How many people live in your house?, who is the youngest/oldest in your family?, what do you like doing at home?, tell me about you house, what sport do you like best?, what clothes do you like wearing?, where do you go after school?, tell me about your holidays, who cooks at home?what do do after dinner?.


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