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1) what is Nathan Browns gerbils called? a) itchy and scratchy b) phinies and ferb c) ant and deck d) sponge bob and patrick 2) how old are the nathan browns gerbils? a) 3 b) 6 c) 1 d) 12 3) when is nathan browns gerbils birthday? a) march 22nd b) april 3rd c) may 7th d) february 17th 4) who saw nathan browns gerbils first out of his friends? a) oliver b) sam r c) andrew d) nathan w 5) who is older nathan gerbils or olivers dog? a) buster b) gebil 6) who saw the gerbils first out of the dogs in the class a) rosie b) buster c) henry d) blu 7) who is faster a) gerbils b) buster c) andrew d) rosie 8) who does sam r like better out of nathan browns gerbils a) itchy b) scrachy 9) what is nathan browns gerbils couler a) white and black b) blond and white c) brown and white 10) what is older a) esme raine b) sam raines rabbit c) gerbils
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