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1) We __________to the cinema last night. a) went b) were c) came d) go e) where f) what 2) she_________her leg two weeks ago. a) lost b) broke c) chose d) e) f) 3) they__________a wallet on the pavement yestarday afternoon. a) took b) found c) thought d) e) f) 4) my friends and i__________at the stadium to see a football match. a) drak b) drove c) met d) e) f) 5) you ands Rachel______your books at home a) forgot b) Takes c) lost d) e) f) 6) my grandma___________very lonely last night. a) saw b) felt c) hit d) e) f) 7) ------------------she -------------a new dress yestarday afternoon a) did-bought b) does-buy c) did-buy d) e) f) 8) my parents_____________ for Paris two weeks ago. a) didn't leave b) work c) not left d) don't leave e) f) 9) when-------------you ----------your-------- car keyns?i last week. a) did-lose-/lost b) have you lose/lose c) do you lost/losted d) e) f) 10) whe i------ at primary school i------a uniform a) was/didn't wore b) was/did't wear c) were/ didn't wear d) e) f) 11) last monday he-------new car. a) sang b) read c) bought d) green e) f)


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