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Monotheism - The belief in one god, Polytheism - The belief in multiple gods, Covenant - sacred agreement, Exodus - departure; Moses led this for the Hebrews, plagues - contagious disease or problem- God sent ten of these to punish the Egyptians, ten commandments - laws of Judaism - given to Moses on Mt. Sinai, prophet - religious teacher, Ark of the covenant - wood and gold chest contained the ten commandments, Israel - David united Israel and Judah into one kingdom known as this, Jerusalem - holy city because the ark of the covenant was brought here, Philistines - rival tribe of the Hebrews defeated when David felled Goliath with a stone, Judah - After the kingdom of Israel divided, this was the southern kingdom, ruled by David and Solomon's descendants , The Great Temple - built by Solomon in Jerusalem, place of worship,

Chapter 11 Review: Vocab


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