Nonfiction - True information based on facts, Biography - Story of a real person's life, Autobiography - Story of the life of the author, Essay, Journal, or Letter - Personal account of life experiences written as they happen, Historical Document - Official statements that record the political belief of an individual or group of people in history, Newspaper, Magazine, or Web Page - Current events that usually state the writer's opinion about important issues, Fiction - Situations and characters are invented by the writer, Realistic Fiction - Believable and could happen to anyone, Contemporary Fiction - Story set in today's world, Historical Fiction - Story set in a specific time period in history and may include actual historical figures, Science Fiction - A fantasy set in a specific time or place and technology is used, Fantasy - A story that uses one or more features not seen in our world, Mystery - Character(s) has to solve a crime using clues to pin down a suspect, Folktale - Traditional story handed down from one generation to another by word of mouth,

Genres - Nonfiction and fiction





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