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“Children In Need of Schools in Rural Asian District!” - UNICEF, “Ethiopia looking to find economic help after Drought” - World Bank, ”Peacekeepers sent to South Sudan after rebels try to overthrow the government” - United Nations, “Blood Needed as Casualties grow Following Deadly Earthquake” - International Red Cross/Crescent, “Group Sends Troops into the Ukraine as Deterrent to Russian Military Presence” - NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), “US, Mexico, and Canada Sign Trade Agreement” - NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), “England Looks to Leave Economic Group” - European Union, Nongovernmental Organization - An international organization that has no connection to any particular government and is free to work on its own towards its goals, Intergovernmental Organization - An international organization that is formed between the governments of multiple countries and works to solve a common problem,

International Organizations Headlines


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