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Am I missing something here? (About the Great Wall) - Asking questions which shows he doesn't understand or appreciate culture, How can I handle myself with foreigners? - Finds it all a challenge, Can anyone speak English? - Feels out of place, Didn't think it'd be this mental - Expresses surprise and judges what he is seeing, No way I'm eating this stuff - Refuses to try something different, I'm not expecting much to be honest - Low expectations - already made his mind up, It's the alright wall of China - One liners, Feels Chinesey - Inappropriate comment, Sort of sweet and sour - Stereotyping, It's like they're doghnuts - Finds things very strange and compares to his own life, Whatever you want on a stick - Making generalisations, Weird thing is I'm the freak here - Can't accept a diferent way of doing things, Everything we've done, they've done it weirder - Presents his own culture as the only way to do things, (About him) Round, empty headed - Idiot, If life is going to be shite ... end it - Ironic, If you're Chinese you know the right way up (about his name in Chinese) - Shows his lack of understanding, Was that a masage or have I just been mugged? - Doesn't understand, fells intimidated, (About him) Real life Homer Simpson - Never happy, lacks appreciation, (About the goldfish) That is company and not some kind of appetiser? - Sarcasm, 4 in the morning ... are you having a laugh - Unhappy - seems put out by routines, I'm guessing the toad wasn't winning - Sarcastic tone,
by Anonymous


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