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1) What 3 things do animal cells and plant cells have in common? a) Chloroplast, nucleous and cytoplasm b) Nucleous, cytoplasm and cell membrane c) Cell wall, vacuole and nucleous 2) During puberty boys... a) ... start growning hair. b) ... start sweating. c) .... get more emotional. 3) Choose the correct end to the sentence. 'A line graph is different from a bar chart... a) ... because it has a big scale.' b) ... because it does not use different colours.' c) ... because it uses points. 4) This is a picture of ... a) ... one animal cell. b) .... a few plant cells. c) ... one plant cell 5) During puberty, both boys and girls... a) ... experience increased hair growth.' b) ... begin the menstrual cycle.' c) ... develop a deeper voice.' 6) What are 3 parts that are essential for a microscope? a) Focusing wheel, glass slide and light source. b) Eye piece, objective lens and focusing wheel. c) Light source, glass clipers and fine focusing wheel. 7) This is a picture of ... a) ... a human liver. b) ... a human lung. c) ... a human heart. 8) Choose the correct statement: a) 'A human grows at the same rate every year.' b) 'People of the same age grow at different rates' c) 'Boys grow more than girls.' 9) Which step comes first when giving birth: a) The amniotic sac breaks and the fluid comes out of the vagina b) The placenta breaks away and passes out of the vigina c) The baby comes out head first and the umbilical cord is tied and cut. 10) 'A microscope is important because... a) ... it allows us to look at very small things.' b) ... it only let us see cells.' c) ... it helps us see out DNA.' 11) This is a pictue of... a) ... a cell. b) ... a placenta. c) ... a pollen particle. 12) The vacuole in the plant cell... a) ... contains food. b) ... contains water. c) ... contains DNA. 13) Both males and females have... a) ... a liver, a bladder and an urethra. b) ... a liver, an ovary and a bladder. c) ... a liver, a bladder and an uterus. 14) 'A C-section is more dangerous than natural birth because... a) ... the baby comes out too fast. b) .... the baby does not come out of the vagina. c) ... the baby might be injured during the surgery. 15) Which part of the plant cell is responsible for photosynthesis? a) Cell wall b) Vacuole c) Chloroplast 16) This is a pictue of a ... a) ... milk cell. b) ... egg cell. c) ... apple cell. 17) A specialised cell would be able to ... a) ... carry both food and oxygen to other cells. b) ... carry food, oxygen and messages from the brain to other cells. c) ... carry messages from the brain to other cells. 18) Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous because... a) ... the baby does not get as much oxygen and can be born premature. b) ... the mother does not produce enough oxygen for the baby. c) ... the baby gets addicted to nicotine (chemical inside a cigarette). 19) This is a pictue of a... a) ... stamen. b) ... stigma. c) ... sepal. 20) A female's menstrual cycle... a) .... lasts for 7 days and begins during puberty. b) ... lasts for 1 month and begins during puberty. c) ... lasts 1 month and begins after puberty. 21) In pollination can happen when... a) ... a bee transfers pollen from the anther to the stigma. b) ... the wind transfers pollen from the stigma to the anther. c) ... water tansfers pollen from the sepal to the stigma. 22) The male parts of the flower are... a) ... the anther and the stigma also known as stamen. b) ... the sepal and the filament also known as stamen. c) ... the filament and the anther also known as stamen 23) This picture represents which part of the menstrual cycle? a) Days 1-7 b) Days 14-17 c) Days 18-28 24) Both plants and humans have.. a) ... a cell membrane, a sepal and a nucleous. b) .... a chloroplast, a nucleous and an ovary c) ... an ovary, a cytoplasm and a nucleous.

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