1) The outside layer of the hair is called the......? a) cortex b) medulla c) cuticle 2) What is the next layer after the cuticle? a) Medulla b) cortex c) cuticle 3) what is the centre of the hair called? a) Medulla b) cortex c) cuticle 4) Asian/oriental hair is usually...? a) Coarse b) curly c) Straight d) Dry 5) Caucasian/European hair can be....? a) straight b) Afro tight curls c) green d) wavy e) curly 6) African type of hair is....? a) straight b) curly c) wavy d) blonde 7) Hair grows about ........cm each month. a) 50 cm b) 1.25 cm c) 3 cm d) 10 cm e) 90 cm f) 0.5 cm 8) The hair growth cycle is in which order? a) Telogen, Anagen, Catagen b) Categen, Telogen, Anagen c) anagen, Catagen, Telogen 9) The term 'contra-indication' means.... a) That a client can have their hair tinted b) That a client can have their hair permed c) A reason that something shouldn't be done d) That the client can have the hair cut and blown 10) Head lice are usually found in the.... a) nape of the neck or behind the ears b) in the crown c) on the nose d) on the legs


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