Do you remember________(learn) to ride a bike? How old were you?, Have you ever tried_______(ride) a bike with one hand or without hands?, Do your parents often remind you_________(wear) a bicycle helmet?, Do you tend_________(listen) to music while cycling?, Did you use to spend more time__________(cycle) when you were a child than you do now?, Do you avoid ________(bike) in wet weather?, Did your parents let you ______(ride) your bike to school when you were a child?, Have you ever refused _______(lend) your bike to someone? Why?, Can you imagine _________(go) riund the world by bike?, Do you fancy ________(ride) a bike today?, Were you happy_______(ride) a bike in summer in your childhood?, Should people_________(ride) a bike more to decrease the air pollution?, _________(ride) a bike is the best way to spend your free time. Do you agree?, Do you mind_______ (ride) a bike to your work?, It's no use _________(ride) a bike when it's raining. Do you agree?, I can't stand _______(ride) a bike in the streets. Yes or no? , Are you planning ________(ride) a bike this summer?.

Gerund vs. Infinitives


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